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RE/MAX Villa has 3 offices located in Edgewater, North Bergen, and Jersey City. When you fill out the form below, you will be connected to a RE/MAX professional that knows your area of the market intimately. Don't guess when it comes to hiring a Real Estate agent. We will match you with the right agent to evaluate your home's value and find the optimal asking price. We have a lot of agents who have been in the business for a long time and know your neighborhood.

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Why not just use an online automatic evaluation tool?

There are lot's of online sites that make "estimates" on your home value, but should you rely on them? NO!

Websites like Zillow use algorithms to make a guess at what your home might be worth but there are many factors that make this problematic.

  • Home evaluation sites don't know what upgrades you have or have not made on your home. Providing a Real Estate Professional with a few key details will result in an accurate assessment in your home's value.
  • Some streets and neighborhoods are more desirable than others, there is more to the story than sales prices and square feet. Automatic evaluations take all homes and treat them the same. Your home is unique!
  • Automatic home evaluation sites are unable to determine errors in data. Sometimes square footage is understated or overstated. Sometimes sales price data is input incorrectly. Put this number in an algorithm and your "estimate" is now a complete deception. A real estate professional can easily pick out anomalies in sales price data.
  • RE/MAX professionals are the best and most experienced in the industry. Fill out the form and receive a FREE no obligation home evaluation.